Jumaat, 29 Jun 2012

Tent Castle

*Fabric : Nylon
*Size : 105cm (diameter) x 135cm(height)
*It's convenient to carry and use, accessible indoors and outdoors.
*It's designed as children's toy as well as a beautiful cubby house.
*Foldable and comes with storage bag.
*Can fit 3 kids..
*Available : Pink & Blue

** Harga (termasuk kos pos)
RM 65.00 (1 unit)

Sabtu, 23 Jun 2012

Kelambu Baby

Kelambu Modern untuk Baby
* Tidak panas
* Mudah untuk dibuka & disimpan
* Pintu berzip
* Ringan & mudah dibawa ke mana-mana
** Harga (termasuk kos pos)
RM 40 (1 unit)
RM 25 (10 unit & ke atas)

Contoh cara buka dan simpan kelambu modern size besar

Rabu, 20 Jun 2012

Activity Center Intelligence

                  Hands and Eyes Co-ordination, Colours and Shape sorting Skills Entertainment

Activity Center Intelligence
- Lovely & Colourful
-Stimulating Children's imagination
-increase understanding & development
-Instructive & Interesting
-The best gift for baby!

** Harga (termasuk kos pos)
RM 45.00 (1 unit)
RM 35.00 (5 unit & keatas)

Ahad, 17 Jun 2012

Multi Notebook Table

Now you can read & use notebook anywhere you want to be...

Notebook/read Table
-Good Co-worker in read
-Colourful and fashionable -silver, green,blue,pink & black
-Firm Structure, the table can carry a weight of 10kg and little bit more
-The weight is only 0.85kg and easy to put into a notebook bag
-Easily adjustable height and angle
-The aluminium alloy made tabletop gives out heat fast
-USB power
-Big Silent fan with Blue LED built aluminium surface dissipat heat away from laptop rapidly
-RM 55 (including postage)