Sabtu, 15 Disember 2012

Lovely Car

Lovely Car - Kids Learning Machine
*Special for your children...
*Excellent design...
*Interesting & Creative...
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RM55 (1 unit)

Khamis, 13 Disember 2012

Music Accordion


Music Accordion
*Music Mode...Music Keys...Light
*Can issue a variety of songs up & down swing...
*5 beautiful music keys
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RM 55 (1 unit)

Rabu, 12 Disember 2012

Learning Pad

Multifunction Learning Pad ... salah satu cara mendidik anak-anak anda..
*Listening to music...Knowledge map to speak...
*Find the number and word...
*Shining lights when press it...
*Language : English ...

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RM 30 (1 unit)

Isnin, 3 Disember 2012

Crocodile Multi-Function Learning

Crocodile Multi-Function Learning ... salah satu cara mendidik anak-anak anda..
*Asking Mode, Music Mode, Singing Mode, Letter Mode, Word Mode & Spelling Mode
*Language - English/Chinese
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RM 35 (1 unit)